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Humans have always been discoverers.  Naturally curious, we seek to learn as much as possible about the world around us. From exploration of lands previously unknown to the flora and fauna that share our planet with us, we are constantly learning about the world around us. Every year, scientists discover dozens of new species of plants and animals that were previously unknown to us. While most of these tend to be on a smaller scale, there are occasionally new species of larger animals found. And while we have explored the vast majority of our earth, and learned so much, there is one animal whose existence is in constantly in doubt, but yet has captured our imaginations and our attention for decades…the sasquatch.

DR. HILDY Welcomes Dr. Melba Ketchum
to discuss her new DNA study showing that


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                   This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy® welcomes in the first hour of the show veterinarian Dr. Melba Ketchum to discuss the existence of the seemingly mythical sasquatch, popularly known as Bigfoot. Now a part of American folk legend, the Bigfoot is a creature of undetermined genetics, that lives in wooded areas of the Pacific Northwest, though there are stories of sightings from all over the US. It is often described as being “ape-like” and usually of a height much taller than the average human.


Copyright © 2012, James Neff. All Rights Reserved (with permission)Dr. Ketchum has spent the last 5 years sequencing DNA from more than 100 collected samples of hair and other material believed to belong to Bigfoot. Under Ketchum’s direction at DNA Diagnostics in Nacogdoches, Texas, a team of researchers has concluded that the First Photo Of DNA

                                                                            First Photo Of DNA

creature may be a human relative, one that somehow developed around 15,000 years ago as a result of a hybrid cross between Homo sapiens (modern humans) and an unknown primate. Ketchum’s team believes that over the past five years, the team has successfully found three Sasquatch nuclear genomes – an organism’s hereditary code.

In the second hour of the show, Dr. Hildy® welcomes Bigfoot enthusiast,Kelly Kleinman, ( KELLY KLEINMAN – LIFELONG FASCINATION WITH BIGFOOT ), to discuss the culture that surrounds the Bigfoot legend and what the results of Dr. Ketchum’s study means to it. Kleinman began his fascination with Bigfoot as a kid after seeing the movie The Legend of Boggy Creek

The Legend of Boggy Creek, that featured a Bigfoot-type creature seen frequently in Foute, Arkansas. Couple that with the Patterson-Gimlin film and you have a life-long passion. In everyday life, Kelly is an advertising/marketing executive, but in a previous life he spent many weeks in the Sierra mountains hoping to cross paths with Sasquatch. As the former producer of several pilots for television and the radio show Strange Days, he is no stranger to cryptozoological and paranormal phenomenon and has become somewhat of an expert on not only Sasquatch, but UFOs, and other strange things that go bump in the night.

Also, if available, Dr. Hildy® will welcome guests from native tribes to share their myths and legends about Bigfoot in their traditions.

Join Dr. Hildy® and her guests this week as they discuss the ongoing mystery that is Bigfoot on One Cell One Light® Radio!

Five Year DNA Research Project Confirms Bigfoot Exists


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 24, 2012

Five Year DNA Research Project Confirms Bigfoot Exists – .pdf

Five-Year Genome Study Yields Evidence of Homo sapiens/Unknown Hominin Hybrid Species in North America

Contact: Robin Lynne, media@dnadiagnostics.com, 231.622.5362

DALLAS, Nov. 24–A team of scientists can verify that their 5-year long DNA study, currently under peer-review, confirms the existence of a novel hominin hybrid species, commonly called “Bigfoot” or “Sasquatch,” living in North America. Researchers’ extensive DNA sequencing suggests that the legendary Sasquatch is a human relative that arose approximately 15,000 years ago as a hybrid cross of modern Homo sapiens with an unknown primate species.

The study was conducted by a team of experts in genetics, forensics, imaging and pathology, led by Dr. Melba S. Ketchum of Nacogdoches, TX. In response to recent interest in the study, Dr. Ketchum can confirm that her team has sequenced 3 complete Sasquatch nuclear genomes and determined the species is a human hybrid:

“Our study has sequenced 20 whole mitochondrial genomes and utilized next generation sequencing to obtain 3 whole nuclear genomes from purported Sasquatch samples. The genome sequencing shows that Sasquatch mtDNA is identical to modern Homo sapiens, but Sasquatch nuDNA is a novel, unknown hominin related to Homo sapiens and other primate species. Our data indicate that the North American Sasquatch is a hybrid species, the result of males of an unknown hominin species crossing with female Homo sapiens.

Hominins are members of the taxonomic grouping Hominini, which includes all members of the genus Homo. Genetic testing has already ruled out Homo neanderthalis and the Denisova hominin as contributors to Sasquatch mtDNA or nuDNA. “The male progenitor that contributed the unknown sequence to this hybrid is unique as its DNA is more distantly removed from humans than other recently discovered hominins like the Denisovan individual,” explains Ketchum.

“Sasquatch nuclear DNA is incredibly novel and not at all what we had expected. While it has human nuclear DNA within its genome, there are also distinctly non-human, non-archaic hominin, and non-ape sequences. We describe it as a mosaic of human and novel non-human sequence. Further study is needed and is ongoing to better characterize and understand Sasquatch nuclear DNA.”

Ketchum is a veterinarian whose professional experience includes 27 years of research in genetics, including forensics.  Early in her career she also practiced veterinary medicine, and she has previously been published as a participant in mapping the equine genome. She began testing the DNA of purported Sasquatch hair samples 5 years ago.

Ketchum calls on public officials and law enforcement to immediately recognize the Sasquatch as an indigenous people:

“Genetically, the Sasquatch are a human hybrid with unambiguously modern human maternal ancestry. Government at all levels must recognize them as an indigenous people and immediately protect their human and Constitutional rights against those who would see in their physical and cultural differences a ‘license’ to hunt, trap, or kill them.”

Full details of the study will be presented in the near future when the study manuscript publishes.


Dr. Ketchum is available for interview or to answer further questions about the Sasquatch genome study and associated research on novel contemporary hominins at media@dnadiagnostics.com

Dr. Melba S. Ketchum – Director – E-mail: msketchum@dnadiagnostics.com
DNA Diagnostics
P. O. Box 805
Garrison, TX 75946


Meldrum, Jeff.  Sasquatch:  Legend Meets Science.  Tom Doherty Associates Book.  New York, New York (C) 2006 pages:128-130 and160-163. Discusses the physical characteristics of the foot prints, mentioning Greek and Peasant feet, like in Dr. Hildy’s  paper May 2012 . (see link below)  Dr. Napier. Also, torso by Professor of primates Univ. of Fl looked at movements.  as compared to human anatomy. I will hit on this lightly in support of Dr. Ketchum’s findings of hybrid Sasquatch with human genes.  The feet and taste are primodal in relation to the physiological make up as time will tell.
5/1/12 – Dr. Hildy™: GENES – From Head to Toes with Guest, Annie Choi
New radio interview of Dr. Ketchum on AM 770. Select December 10, 11:00 am, and forward to about 34 mins. Great interview!
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